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Chemical bund linings can be invaluable for any kind of primary containment vessel, offering a safe way to seal liquid containers and prevent breakdowns. Whether you are managing chemical storage tanks or simple boiler units, bund lining systems can be extremely important.

At Chemical Bund Lining, we offer a range of bund lining systems for any kind of liquid storage tanks and systems in Wigan.

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Who are Chemical Bund Lining?

We are a professional provider of bund lining systems in Wigan, acting as specialist lining contractors to ensure that our clients can get a new bund system as needed.

Our chemically resistant linings are designed to provide extra protection and safety when working with liquids, especially dangerous chemicals in liquid form.

Why Choose Us?

We have spent years building up our range of bund linings in Wigan, providing various lining options to ensure that important liquid containment systems do not fail unexpectedly.

We work within all relevant legal regulations, providing clients with the bund linings they need to avoid major accidents or equipment failures.

10 Years of Bund Lining Experience

We have well over a decade of experience with bund linings and have installed these linings for thousands of clients all across the UK. We understand how to provide excellent chemical resistance and safety with all of our bund installations, no matter the project.

What is Bund Lining?

Bund lining is a secondary containment system designed to contain leaks and spills within a chemical storage tank. These (often epoxy) bund linings are chemical-resistant layers that can hold at least 110% of the tank’s volume should primary containment fail.

In the event of catastrophic spillage (the primary containment vessel breaking or leaking), the bund installations provide secondary containment by catching the chemicals in a “moat” or hole a few square meters larger than the tank’s volume.

This means the operating environment is safe even if the storage tank in Wigan bursts. The chemical-resistant bund walls and lower surface contain the liquid as a secondary containment measure, where it can be dealt with in a timely manner free of immediate risk.

Bund Lining Materials Wigan

We can offer three core types of chemical-resistant bund lining: fibreglass lining, epoxy bund linings and polyurethane lining systems.

Fibreglass Linings and Bunds

Fibreglass lining (usually chemical-resistant GRP lining) is versatile, waterproof, and offers excellent chemical resistance. They are also durable, preventing movement stress cracking the surface, and can be effective secondary containment in aggressive chemical environments.

These chemical-resistant GRP lining systems are perfect for harsh chemicals. They are able to tackle corrosion issues very well – something that happens often in aggressive chemical environments – and can hold almost any chemical effectively.

Epoxy Linings and Bunds

Epoxy bund linings are hard and rigid. This provides easy and cheap protection for the surface area beneath the bund linings, as well as decent chemical resistance. This makes epoxy bund linings a good secondary containment system for tackling most “normal” chemicals, with the epoxy coating being much bettered at handling physical damage.

The epoxy coating can be upgraded with increased durability and increased slip resistance, allowing them to prevent movement stress cracking while also keeping employees safe. Increased strength also means far less frequent repair and replacement work.

Polyurethane Linings and Bunds

Polyurethane and polyurea bund lining provides a range of coating options and a high level of flexibility, allowing them to work better on surfaces where structural movement stress cracking is much more common. Strong in their own right, they can be upgraded with other materials to form even stronger bunds.

These chemical bunds are good for getting seamless secondary containment, with a decent polyurea bund lining working well as an oil storage bund or bunds for other non-aggressive chemical environments. While lacking chemical resistance compared to fibreglass linings, they are still a good bund choice for areas that suffer severe movement issues.

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Bund Lining Installation Process

We install bunds quickly and cleanly in Wigan, focusing on the bund floor and bund walls as a single chemical-resistant piece. Our process can be broken down into seven steps:

1. Cleaning

2. Preparation

3. Repairs/Making good

4. Substrate moisture content checks and climatic monitoring

5. Bund lining application

6. Post Application Testing and inspection

7. Curing

Different chemical bunds require different installation processes. Fibreglass lining is highly chemically resistant and suitable for aggressive chemicals and is installed differently from epoxy linings that are meant to endure constant damage well.

Bund Lining Cost Wigan

The cost of bund linings changes dramatically depending on the kind of bunds you are going for, as well as a range of other factors. As a secondary containment measure, different bund linings are going to fetch vastly different prices.

Chemical bunds can have their costs influenced by the following:

How much does a bund lining cost?

Our bund linings are handled by specialist lining contractors as a bespoke project. This means that we cannot reliably estimate a general cost for each project.

Instead, we work with each client to provide them with an accurate quote of the costs they should expect. This includes factors like having to replace old bund installations, the addition of a few square metres for safety reasons, or any bespoke additions we are asked to make.

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Bund Lining Benefits

Secondary containment is invaluable if you see primary containment fail. Even non-high-temperature bund linings in Wigan may be important here – oil storage bund lining can be useful for protecting workers from oil spills if a tank suffers corrosion issues, for example.

Alongside good primary containment, it is important to have a strong bund option for a number of reasons, including:

Structural integrity

If primary containment fails, you do not want a bund lining in Wigan that is lacking chemical resistance and durability. Damaged mortar joints on a brickwork bund lining or corroded steel bunds can lead to an even more catastrophic spillage since you will have no secondary or primary containment.

A polymer-based lining or epoxy coating can be a chemical-resistant backup to the primary containment – whilst concrete, steel and brickwork bund lining are vulnerable to damaged mortar joints, corrosion issues, severe movement issues and inability to tolerate temperatures required of the bund.

Over 25 year life expectancy

Our Wigan bund installation quality and fantastic structural integrity ensure that each bund – even one only a few square metres large – can last for up to 25 years or more. This is whilst concrete, and steel bunds can only last a short time of actual use before needing repairs.

We pride ourselves on offering each polymer-based lining, polyurea bund lining or set of fibreglass linings with the understanding that they will last for years to come. Masonry-based substrates simply do not have the chemical resistance needed for most bunds.


Everything we make, from our most effective glass-reinforced plastic lining to our simplest oil storage bund, is meant to be durable. Substances like sulphuric acid can eat away at steel bunds, but our polyurea lining options can be far more reliable and practical.

All of our linings – especially fibreglass lining – are meant to endure a lot of punishment before needing repairs. They all have their specialities (polyurea lining for movement stress cracking, fibreglass lining for dangerous substances), but all of our bunds are stronger than masonry-based substrates and steel bunds.

Easy to clean

We aim to keep all of our bunds easy to clean, especially fibreglass lining and other surfaces designed for more dangerous chemicals. There are a lot of substances that should not be left to linger too long: nitric acid, sulphuric acid, ethylene glycol, hydrochloric acid, sodium hydroxide, and countless others.

Our fantastic structural integrity also comes with simplicity, making the surface area of the bund in Wigan much easier to clean. This, combined with solvent-free materials and good ventilation, helps the bund protect nearby workers and staff from harm if a spill occurs.

Visually appealing

We understand that a bund does not always look nice, and try to keep every one of our bunds looking attractive and appealing. Whether it is fibreglass lining, glass-reinforced plastic lining or simple polyurea lining, we want to offer a nicer alternative to most other bund options.

We work with each client to find the right materials and textures for their needs, both in terms of protectiveness and overall style. This can include bright colours to act as a warning or even colour-coded designs if absolutely necessary.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does installing a bund take?

Bund installation times vary heavily based on the bund itself. We can give an accurate estimate of the time involved, but there is no completely accurate way to predict each project until it has already begun.

How long does a bund last?

All of our linings – even simple polyurea linings – are meant to last up to 25 years or more. However, this depends on maintenance. Poorly-kept polyurea linings can wear out a lot faster than expected, for example.

Are bunds important?

The Environment Agency and Scottish Environment Protection Agency recently passed laws making it mandatory for any oil and chemical storage sites to include a secondary containment bund. Bunds are vital for keeping employees safe and handling chemicals properly.

Why not use a concrete bund?

Concrete is a poor bund material. Concrete cannot tolerate temperatures high enough for some chemicals, and concrete also wears out quickly. Many chemicals eat through concrete, and once the concrete is damaged, most concrete surfaces will suffer a snowball effect as the now-weak concrete breaks down faster.

How much surface preparation does a bund need?

We can inspect a surface to make sure that all prep work is done properly. A bund can be installed on even simple concrete surfaces, but we need to prepare that concrete for the process first.

How do I know if a bund is going to work with my chemicals?

Bunds are influenced by their chemicals. Concrete could not handle dangerous chemicals, but fibreglass can, so a fibreglass lining is better for harsh chemicals.

What bund regulations do I need to follow?

We can break down the specific regulations regarding bunds, their surface area, their construction and their materials. These regulations may change depending on the chemicals that you store.

How can I find chemically resistant bund lining systems?

We can guide you towards the best chemical-resistant option for your situation, helping you find something that suits your needs without pushing your budget too far.

Is there a way to test chemical compatibility with bund linings?

Our experts can help arrange bund lining material tests as needed, mostly to ensure that they are capable of handling the substances involved.

Is there a way to test chemical compatibility using bespoke chemicals with bund linings?

Even with bespoke chemicals, we can get the right tests done to prove that the bunds work well alongside bespoke material and chemical choices.

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We can offer a huge range of bund options for any kind of storage space, finding materials that work best with the substances and chemicals you are storing.

No matter what you are looking for, we can find a suitable bund design. The sooner you get in touch, the sooner we can start putting together the right bund options for your particular situation and storage methods.

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We have used Chemical Bund Lining for many years as they are certainly the best in the UK. The attention to detail and professional setup is what makes this company our go-to company for all our work. I highly recommend the team for the immense work - we highly recommend them!

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